At long last- Jamie Chung Nude, she played Blink

Blink, a minor Xmen character when it comes to moves. She got put in the spotlight in the X-Men universe TV series The gifted. Jamie Chung portrays the portal making mutant in the Series. The Sexy Asian actress finally got naked in Lovecraft country recently. Lets have a look at Jamie Chung naked, and any other Blink porn parody, cosplay and rule 34 we can find.

Blink Chung 1

The first Live action Blink nude?

Bingbing Fan portrayed the mutant Blink in X-Men Days of future past. Blink is in the future protecting Wolverine and Kitty. The X-men are working on fixing the past that ended them in this post-apocalyptic world ruled by Sentinels.

The actress has not done any real nudity on film, but has a pretty intense sex scene in the movie Lost In Beijing. At the Mr.Skin blog you can see the scene if you become a member. They specialize in nude celebrity HD clips.

Fan Bingbing blink
We give a bit more cleavage as there are no nudes of Fan.

Jamie Chung nude as Blink

This beautiful Asian actress started her career in the MTV series The Real World: San Diego in 2004. The comic book fan community took notice when she was perfectly cast as Mulan in Once Upon a Time. Not long after she joined the cast of Gotham as the Journalist Valerie Vale, a nod to the Vicki vale character from the comics. Jamie became a real superhero as a hunted mutant in the 2017 Tv series The gifted.

There is a long list of sexy scenes from movies and Tv series where Jamie Chung teases the audience with her sexy body. Finally now in 2020 she decided to go full nude. You can see Jamie Chung nude in the HBO series Lovecraft Country. She plays a Kumiho or Succubus that drains the life and soul of men as they climax. We therefore get Jamie Chung nude, having sex with multiple men in the episode focusing on her character. It might sound like fappable scenes but after a while the hairy tentacle tales comes out of every orifice of her body, Jiikes! What a way to go.

If you want to see just the Jamie Chung nude scenens from the episode, as well as all the other sexy scenes she has done over the years, head over to the Mr.Skin blog to have a look.

Chung Blink 2

Blink nude cosplay and porn?

As Blink in a minor character in the X-men comics, there is not much out there in the ways of nude cosplay or porn parodies. Maybe if the gifted had not been cancelled we might have gotten more amateurs putting on make-up and green contacts.

Blink nude rule 34 Porn

As the rule suggests, there is porn of everything. You can find some Blink rule 34 nude drawings and porn online if you look around, we give you a few of the best ones here.

blink rule 34 eaten out
blink rule 34 fucked
blink rule 34

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