The Incredible Hulk 2008 Nudity Report – Liv Tyler nude

Phase one of MCU brought us Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America before they all joined up in the Avengers, but the Hulk had changed, as Norton was out, and Mark Ruffalo in as the big monster. As we go trough all the MCU movies looking for sexy scenes and hot actresses with nude scenes on their record, we have a closer look at the all but forgotten Incredible Hulk from 2008. We give you the best Liv Tyler nude scenes, this moves Betty Ross in our Nudity Report.

Liv tyler betty ross nude
General Ross is the only thing left in the MCU from the Hulk 2008.

Martina – Débora Nascimento Nude

The credits give us the origin story of the Hulk, we then meet him in Brazil. The genius scientist now works on his temper and bottles soft drinks at a factory. Here we meet Martine, the only other significant female role in the film other than Betty Ross. The hot factory worker is played by Débora Nascimento a Brazilian actress and model has been naked in several films, including the film Budapest. You can find all her nude scenes at the Mr.Skin blog if you join up. She also has plenty of sexy pictures on her instagram.

Débora Nascimento Nude
Factory Worker is just not a job for women this hot.

Marina happens to live in Banners building, so when he runs from the US military he repels down the wall and encounters her wet, getting dressed. This is closest we get to nudity in the film.

Betty Ross – Liv Tyler Nude

Later when Bruce Banner tries to get his hands on his old research data, he runs into his old flame, Betty Ross. In this film only, she appears and is played by elven princess and Liv Tyler. Her most notable nude scenes on film is from Stealing Beauty and The Ledge. We were also lucky enough to get a glimpse of her bush in the Leftovers HBO show. You find all the scenes here at Mr.Skin. Betty Ross and Bruce get hot and heavy, we get to see some legs, but that is it, Banner`s pulse gets to high, and they stop, or else Hulk would be the one to smash Liv Tyler nude.

Livy tyler bush
She rapes a man, not good really.

Are there any sexy women in this thing?

Long story short, The elite soldier Emil Blonsky turns into the abomination and the hulk has to stop him. There are only a handful of other minor female roles in the film. Australian Actress Krista Vendy plays a Bartender, she has been naked in photoshoots. Major Kathleen Sparr is a character played by Christina Cabot, she has no nudity on record. Tamsen McDonough and Genelle Williams also feature in the film, none of them with prior nudity on film.

She plays a Bartender in The Hulk

The Hulk – Verdict

We hit jackpot with Marvels casting of sexy factory worker Marina, They should have made the film R rated so we could see her tits in this film as well. As the movie is pretty dark and violent they might as well have gone R-rated and given us her tits as well as Liv Tylers. Thats when Banner`s pulse should have shot in the air, when she took of her bra. Anyways, pretty sexy cast, the few women that is in it. Some sexy scenes. We give this film five greens tits out of 8.

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