WandaVision Nudity report Episode 3-4 – 70`s high jinks and a peek behind the curtain

By the end of episode 2, the sitcom world turned from Black and White to full color. This WandaVision nudity report will delve into the groovy 60`s sitcom world to see if it offers any sexy scenes. As always we will also check in the actresses introduced have any saucy nudes on record. If you missed out on the nudity report for episode 1-2 you can read that here.

Are there any sexy women in this thing?

Episode 3 offers nothing in the way of new female characters. This is another sitcom episode, dealing with Wanda`s sudden pregnancy and subsequent delivery. As we have movies into the 70`s, there is not only colors but more revealing clothing. Wanda sports an outfit with a low cut blouse. This gives us a little bit of Elisabeth Olsen cleavage in the episode.

So that`s what is hiding under there.

Episode 4 finally gives us a peak behind the curtain, that is to say we get to see what is going on in the real world. After a recap of Monica Rambeau being thrown out of Sitcom world, we get to see her come back from the snap. This gives us many new minor one-off characters like Dr. Highland (played by Lana Young) and Viviana Chavez as a nurse. Both are sexy women, unfortunately none of them have done any nude scenes so far in their careers. Monica returns to S.W.O.R.D, where a seemingly boring missing persons case awaits here. This takes here to Westview, where she gets sucked into sitcom world.

S.W.O.R.D sets up a base, to find out what happened. This brings back a character from the Thor movies, Darcy Lewis. Played by the voluptuous Kat Dennings. Kat often shows her extensive cleavage, but has not gone fully nude on film. She did have her nudes leaked so people could see though, we are grateful. We do recommend a professional shoot next time though. Agent Rodriguez (played by Selena Anduze) is also introduced in the episode, Selena has not been naked on film before.

Darcy really needs a thigh outfit in the show.

WandaVision Nudity report verdict

Episode tree did offer some sexy cleavage shots but little else. When we get to see what is going on outside the sitcom world, we get no new actresses with previous nudity on film. The return of Kat Denning’s character Lucy does bring big booba into the show, to well covered unfortunately. Next week should bring us a new sitcom episode, lets hope for raunchy 80`s outfits in that one.

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